DANVILLE, Ill., (WCIA) — The next mayor of Danville may see a $15,000 pay increase after the April 2023 election. 

The Danville Public Works Committee approved a proposal on Tuesday, June 14. This proposal is now moving on to the city council for approval. 

Starting in April, the mayor could make $90,000 a year with a gradual increase each year during the term. 

The past four years, the mayor of Danville has made $75,000. Bob Iverson, 7th Ward alderman and vice mayor, felt that the mayor has been underpaid in the past. 

“There’s a lot of things that this position does that you’re not aware of. The mayor, for example, he’s had to deal with everything from condemnation suits, to buildings being torn down, to changes to tax structure. Not to mention a pandemic,” Iverson said. 

People in Danville will not see a property tax increase. To offset any rises, the pay raise would come from revenue within sales taxes, liquor taxes and the future casino.  

Michael Puhr, 5th Ward alderman and public works chairman, said that this increase will help attract more employees and potential candidates. 

“If you want quality, you pay for the quality and you pay to keep good, quality employees in place. That’s what we’ve been trying to do, make pay comparable to other cities so we don’t lose some of our good employees. We want good, strong people to lead the city,” Puhr said. 

Current Danville Mayor Rickey Williams acts as the city’s administrator and mayor. In many other Central Illinois towns, there are full-time city administrators or managers and part-time mayors. The City of Danville compares their mayor’s salary to administrators.

Iverson said the city of Champaign administrator makes $210,000 and Rantoul’s administrator makes $110,000. Carbondale is similar in size to Danville and the most comparable. The Carbondale manager makes $141,000.  

There have been small increases for the mayor of Danville in recent years, but nothing as large as this one. 

The city treasurer and seven of the aldermen may also see pay increases. 

The Danville City Council will vote on this potential pay raise at their next meeting on Tuesday, June 21.