INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WEHT) — The Hoosier State has a brand new spokesperson to represent the Indiana State Fair! Alyssa McKillip of Wabash County was crowned the new Miss Indiana State Fair Queen Sunday night.

According to the pageant’s Facebook page, Miss Indiana State Fair is a valuable spokesperson that travels over 6,500 miles each year to an average of 42 county fairs and festivals in order to promote the upcoming Indiana State Fair.

First runner-up for the pageant is Sydney Dunkin of Vigo County. The second runner-up, Kalyn Melham, is from Delaware County. Grace Brenneman from Elkhart County came in as the third runner-up. Our local Tri-State was represented with the fourth runner-up, Emma Yarber from Posey County!

Outgoing queen, Claudia Duncan of Vanderburgh County, was the longest serving State Fair Queen in Indiana. She was queen for two years as there was no fair in 2020.

Before the crowning, Indiana State Fair Queen Pageant posted on social media their 2022 version of the annual reading:

‘Twas the night before crowning, and all ‘bout the stage,
Not a creature was stirring, nor none to engage.
The sashes were hung by the entry with care,
And numbered rosettes, all ready to wear.

Contestants were nestled at home in their beds…
A good night’s sleep ‘fore the long day ahead.
Having waited so long, some more than a year.
It was hard to believe the day was now here!

When in the Coliseum there arose such a clatter.
Only me overnight to see what was the matter.
Bright light struck the backdrop, and then came the sound
Of music so loud it could wake the Fairgrounds.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But long reining Claudia, our queen of two years.
Dancing on stage, so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment what inspired this chick.

More rapid than eagles, her coursers they came,
And she shouted and motioned and called them by name:
“Now Andrew, now Ansley, now Alyssa, now Halle!
On Audrey, on Jessica, on Christy, don’t dally!
To the top of the roof, to the top of the wall,
Dance away! Dance away! Dance away all!”

So ‘round the dark lobby and up to the rafters
They sang and celebrated that finally after…
Some 27 months, the pageant was back!
And just hours from now they’d be on the right track
To welcome young women from far and from near,
One-hundred and seven would gather right here!

Her eyes! How they twinkled. Her dimples, how merry.
Claudia’s cheeks were like roses ‘been kissed by a fairy.
They spoke not a word but went straight to their work
To prep the Coliseum, then turned with a jerk.
And laying a finger aside of her crown,
The Queen gave a wink and then turned around.
She sprang from her throne, to the staff gave a whistle,
And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.
But I heard her exclaim as I hid quite unseen,
“Tomorrow I finally crown a new queen!”

Indiana State Fair Queen Pageant