EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — New Year’s Eve is typically known for its fun parties and family gatherings; but when it comes to COVID-19, health officials say to not let your guard down.

If you have a runny nose or sore throat before heading out, the Chief Medical Officer of Deaconess Clinic says getting tested can help keep you and your loved ones safe.

“Once you start having symptoms and having concerns about having the coronavirus, that is the time to get tested,” Dr. Brad Sheu says.

Deaconess Health says they have been seeing an increase in testing over past several weeks leading up to the holidays.

Dr. David Shultz of Evansville Family Primary Care says this is causing a very high demand for testing.

“The greatest deficit we have right now is testing individuals for COVID-19. But if we look at symptoms a person has, the respiratory symptoms in particular and try to do the right things, isolate, and if it’s a large gathering, avoid it if you have respiratory symptoms,” Dr. Shultz says, “We have vaccines available and effective. We have antibody treatments and we have oral treatments that can lessen the severity of COVID-19. We have learned about the behavior of the virus which will lead to new breakthroughs for other viruses and vaccines.”