JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. (WXIN) — A Columbus man faces charges after police say he shot at a vehicle with a woman and her three younger sisters inside.

Kaden Marsh was arrested Thursday night on an arrest warrant for criminal recklessness, and two counts of pointing a firearm at another. The arrest comes after an investigation into an incident that happened on April 5 sometime around 9:35 p.m. near the intersection of US 31 and East 400 South.

The victim told police a person driving a black SUV was following her on I-65 from the Taylorsville exit. The driver was changing lanes when she did.

The victim told police that she got off I-65 at the Edinburgh exit and turned onto 800 East, still noticing the SUV behind her. She had one of her sisters who were in the car call 911 as she turned onto 400 South. When she got to the stop sign, the SUV pulled in front of her and a man exited his vehicle and started approaching them.

The victim was unable to back up, as another vehicle was behind her. She told police she cut through the grass to flee. Another witness showed police video of the incident. The video captured audio of three gunshots followed by squealing tires and a revving engine as a vehicle sped away.

According to an incident report filed in the case, it appears the incident was partially caused by mistaken identity. The victim’s friend told the victim that her boyfriend’s brother is in an ongoing dispute with Marsh and drives a similar vehicle.

The Flock system identified a vehicle owned by Marsh’s father as appearing near the time the victim’s vehicle appeared in the database. After the girls identified Marsh as the person of interest in a photo lineup, police got a search warrant for Marsh’s father’s house.

During the search, police found prescriptions with Kaden’s name on it along with narcotics packaging and two 9 mm magazines. Neither Kaden nor his father was home at the time.

Marsh bonded out of jail and is awaiting trial.