(UPDATE) Officers said the dog was located.

CHARLESTON, Ill. (WCIA) — The Charleston Police Department is warning citizens of a dog on the run.

The CPD said they were alerted to a serious dog bite at 11th and Olive Street Wednesday morning. On their Facebook page officers said the dog was a brindle and gray-white pit bull wearing a red harness with a blood-stained chest.

Animal control had him on a catch pull and he escaped from that, said Animal Control Officer Coles County Jim Aitken.

“He is scared and is covered with pepper spray from the Charleston Police Department, do not approach,” Aitken said. “Let the dog calm down and animal control can best take care of the situation.”

The dog escaped and its last known whereabouts were northbound of North Division street. Officials said this dog is considered dangerous and should not be approached. Anyone who sees the dog should contact the CPD or Charleston Animal control at 217-345-4112.