ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The coronavirus pandemic will keep the annual Missouri-Illinois ‘Braggin’ Rights’ game from being played in St. Louis at Enterprise Center next month, but the good news is both schools have announced the game itself will happen. The only question is where, and that will be decided by the flip of a coin.

The schools announced a made-for-social media-event for Thursday at 6 p.m. that will end with a heads or tails decision to determine if game gets played at Mizzou Arena in Columbia or at State Farm Center in Champaign on Dec. 12.

“The passion and intensity of this rivalry is what makes college athletics special, and despite playing on campus this season, I am confident those elements will be there for both teams,” Missouri Athletic Director Jim Sterk said in a news release. “Given the financial realities facing many schools today, I believe intercollegiate athletics needs more regional rivalries like this to be played in all sports.”

“We look forward to returning the Braggin’ Rights game to Enterprise Center in the coming years, but are excited to bring the 2020 edition of this series on campus. In a time when so many difficult scheduling decisions are being made, we worked diligently with our friends at the University of Missouri to ensure this great rivalry game will continue,” Illinois Athletic Director Josh Whitman said in a statement.

Both schools have agreed that fans will not be allowed in 2020, regardless of the venue.

The teams last played on one of their respective campuses in 1979.