BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Bystanders helped a Bloomington police officer detain a wanted man who struggled with an officer during an arrest this week.

According to court documents, Officer James Ridge spotted a car Wednesday afternoon registered to 44-year-old Joshua Theodore Huffman, who had an outstanding warrant for a probation violation.

Ridge followed the car into Timber Ridge Townhouses and confronted Huffman, who “appeared very nervous and began to look around” when he got out of the vehicle.

Ridge asked Huffman to identify himself; he provided his first name and then looked like “he was going to either fight or run,” according to the officer. Ridge told Huffman to turn around so he could handcuff him; Huffman complied with the request but wouldn’t let Ridge handcuff him.

That led to an extended scuffle in which the officer tried to prevent Huffman from running away. During the ensuing melee, Huffman hit Ridge in the back, court documents said. Ridge took hold of Huffman’s upper torso and pinned him against a nearby truck.

That’s when two residents stepped in. A man and woman who lived at the apartment complex assisted Ridge in getting Huffman under control. The man helped Ridge get Huffman on the ground while the woman got control of Huffman’s legs by “pulling him out straight and leaning on them.”

Once the trio had Huffman under control, they stayed with him until other officers arrived and secured Huffman with handcuffs.

In the probable cause affidavit, Ridge said he ended up with “minor abrasions” to his right forearm, right thumb, right wrist and both knees. The bystanders were not hurt.

Huffman was booked into the Monroe County Jail on preliminary charges of battery on a police officer and resisting arrest. He was also wanted for a probation violation, police said.

According to court records, Huffman was sentenced in 2019 to six years in prison after being charged with fraud on a financial institution. He agreed to a plea deal in the case and was eventually released early in November 2021 as part of a sentence modification. The court issued a warrant on the probation violation on March 31.