SELLERSBURG, Ind. — Police have released new information about a little boy found dead by mushroom hunters in Washington County Saturday.

After opening a toll-free tip line on Monday, police reported receiving around 200 calls from the public. Unfortunately, police said none of these calls have led to the identification of the child.

The child was previously described as a Black male, about four feet tall with a slim build and a short haircut. Police believe he’s approximately 5 years old and that his death occurred sometime in the last week.

“Somebody was taking care of him. He was in somebody’s custody and care for his daily needs and for support,” said Sgt. Carey Huls in a news conference Monday.

Indiana State Police revealed on Tuesday evening that the boy was tragically found inside a closed hard case suitcase with a distinctive Las Vegas design on the front and back. Police hope that anyone with information about this briefcase will come forward and help identify the child.

The photo of the suitcase is included below.

Photo of suitcase provided by ISP

“Somebody knows something. Somebody out there knows the answer to this question,” Huls said.

An autopsy on the child was conducted on Tuesday, but no information on the boy’s cause of death has been determined. A toxicology report is still pending, police said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the toll-free number established for this case: 1-888-437-6432.