MONTPELIER, Ind. (WANE) – A motorcycle ride was organized Sunday to support a Montpelier family and help with funeral costs for a great-grandfather and grandson who were killed on June 2 when a woman crashed her car into their home.

The community is seeking justice for Jerry “Jake” Michael, 74, and Jenson Reynolds, 5. Two others – a nearly 2-year-old girl, and the father of the children, Jerod Reynolds – were hospitalized for injuries. Brandi S. Bare, the woman driving drunk, initially had a bond of $5,000, and the judge later changed that to $50,000.

Family, friends and supporters gathered Sunday afternoon at Baldwin Park- known as the airplane park- on South Rockefeller Avenue in Montpelier. The event organized on Facebook includes a short motorcycle ride as well as a raffle, food, and games.

The event was organized by Big Brad’s Fireworks, Black Pistons Indiana, and Skulls of Honor Indiana.

Daniel Kanedy, President of Skulls of Honor Indiana explained he knows how much the family needs support and wants other families to not be afraid to as for help.

“It’s because growing up, I have seen the community needed help and nobody was doing it so now that is what we do,” said Kanedy. “We have some family members that have been through some tragedy and they needed help so we started doing it, number one is don’t be afraid to ask, we will help, that’s all we do, all your local clubs, that’s what we do,” Kanedy explained. “They are here to help, I guess that’s really it knowing that you are not here by yourself. We will help you do it,” said Kanedy.