PUTNAM COUNTY, Ind. — It was a case of man versus emu after a Putnam County deputy encountered a feathered fugitive in a rural area Saturday.

“Today I had to try and reason with an escaped emu that kept running into the road. [Emojis redacted] Those things are huge!!!” read a Facebook post on the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office page.

According to the post, neighbors told police that the owners of the emu have been trying to catch the big bird since its escape.

Unfortunately, the elusive emu was able to evade police capture as well.

“I mean,,,,,,, what was I suppose to do if I did get close enough??? Taser him and put the cuffs on?” read the Facebook post.

Anyone in Putnam County traveling on U.S. 36 is asked to watch out for the emu, especially if they’re near the Parke County border.