The ease of recycling is coming to a close as folks have to put in more effort in order to get their recyclable good to the right place.
A major recycling company has just announced they are having to make some changes to your recycling options due to cost.

Wallace Brothers Disposal and Recycling sent a letter to their customers informing them they will no longer offer curb side pick up for recycling.
But they aren’t the only ones making changes.
Recently, Republic Services announced they will no longer be accepting glass in the recycle.
These changes have increased traffic at the ISU’s recycling center.

“China has kind of, hit us with a lot of challenges and I think we are up to those challenges. But we are still kind of in that stage of figuring out what we can do the best economically,” says Paul Reed with the ISU Recycling Center.

ISU accepts all types of recycling except for televisions and batteries.
One way they keep the costs down is by asking customers to sort their recycling in the allocated bins themselves.

Wallace Brothers is still allowing drop offs from customers at no cost.