Reaching For Gold


Every four years the Nations come together as one, ooing and awing at many sports only shown every four years. After witnessing new, high intensity sports, many dreams reach new heights.

While Rio De Janeiro is more than a 12 hour flight from Indianapolis, the 2016 Olympic Host Country still has an impact on Wabash Valley Tumbling and Gymnastics.

“Enrollment usually increases when the Olympic year is up. Everyone watches Gymnastics. Gymnastics is a great sport just for coordination and athletic ability for any sport that they do,” said Owner and Director, Michelle Ealy.

Those idol athletes don’t just inspire athletes new to the sport, but those that claim these mats home since they were two, hoping one day they will be on NBC 2 again.

“I like Aly because she is strong and she doesn’t give up. If she sees her name go down she just keeps trying.” says 8 years old, Jaylen Mccammon.

Aly isn’t the only impact on Jaylen, her teammates are too.  

“When I look up to my teammates, if they are better than me I just think that i want to be like them and I just keep trying,” said Mccammon.  

One of those idols is Junior Maddy Ealy. When she’s not working on her own skills, she’s watching her younger teammates, cheering them on.

“I kind of want them to look up to me and be a role model for them. It makes you feel better  when your teammates cheer you on, it makes you want to do better and push as hard as you can and everyone is supporting you,” said Junior, Maddy Ealy.

Because in the sport of Gymnastics confidence is every thing, and some of the events are very intimidating.

“I don’t like beam. It’s really really scary but kind of just thinking you have to go and just get over it,”said Ealy.

“When some sees some else do something, they’re like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna do that’. They will get their mind set to that and they will accomplish that skill,” said  Michelle Ealy.

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