Reach Services Therapy Clinic


Reach Services is working on providing a new service: a therapy clinic.

It would make a big difference in young people’s lives, like two-year-old Corbin.

Like any little boy, he likes to play. Although his play may not look the same as other boys and girls.

“He has chronic lung disease. He also has cerebral palsy and traumatic brain injury,” explains Corbin’s mom Brittany Capps.

It means Corbin has some special challenges that affect aspects of his life, like his movement. It’s children like Corbin who Reach Services will assist with a new therapy clinic. The new space will provide physical, occupational and speech therapies.

“We’ll do hour sessions. It’s a pretty big facility in that we’ll have several therapists here all at the same time, which is really awesome for collaboration between therapists,” says Jacquelyn Wrin, the clinic’s director.

It’s something that Corbin’s mom says will be wonderful thing for the community.

“Me being a single parent, it’s very stressful so to have a facility like this takes a huge burden off of us,” says Capps. “These kids need it. There are a lot of kids out there who are wheelchair bound or are like Corbin with cerebral palsy or traumatic brain injury.”

Wrin says it’s all about giving kids the opportunity to make important connections which could help children like Corbin with things like communication.

“Any sounds that he makes, being able to put that into function, being able to communicate with us. Whether that be us asking a question and him giving us any type of response,” explains Wrin.

“For him to be able to move around his environment. Kids his age are running, playing, jumping, crashing, wrestling, I mean, all kinds of stuff. So what does that look like for him? We may have to do that on supporting. Like on the roller coaster, he was given support but he was still able to feel that movement.”

Reaching that next step is why the clinic at Reach Services is so important to helping local children with special needs.

“Especially for the people with developmental disabilities,” says Wrin. “I mean, this goes from early to lifespan for Reach. So, it’s just phenomenal the growth that they want to do and the support that they want to offer to the community.”

Reach Services hopes to offer the therapy clinic soon.

If you think your child could benefit from Reach Services, call 812-232-6305.

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