A warmer morning out there today. Temps across the valley in the mid-40’s. We are quite a bit warmer than we were yesterday morning. We are tracking, dry weather Friday, early rain Sunday, temps staying mild, and storms next week. Currently in Terre Haute the temp is in the mid-40’s with winds at 6mph. Temperatures across the country are pretty mild, we have the ridge in the jet stream keeping the colder air pushed to the north. And as you can see we will continue to see the mild temperatures as the Jet stream keeps farther to the north. Clouds clearing this morning, leaving a beautiful day today and tomorrow. Going into the evening hours tomorrow, clouds will increase ahead of the rain moving in Sunday morning. The majority of the rain will fall before sunrise sunday, ahead of the low pressure system. Looking to see 1/2-1 inch. As the low passes through the area, we will likely see light rain/drizzle throughout much of the day. Rain clears out monday, mostly cloudy, before the next chance of rain moves in Tuesday and into Wednesday. We are still tracking this round of rain, but looking at the expected warm air aloft, it is possible we could see some thunderstorms. Today, high of 54, am coulds/pm sun. Tonight, a low of 26, clear. Tomorrow high of 59, mostly sunny. >>