Race Track Vs. Neighborhood


A motocross track in Daviess County continues to drive up concerns for some residents. Both sides of a messy issue involving a race track and residents of a nearby neighborhood presented their cases to county commissioners.

Some Daviess County residents want something done about the Parson Motocross Compound.   Michael Leighty spoke on behalf of the neighborhood closest to the track.  Leighty said, “I want my life back I want my normalcy I want my families life back I want my neighbors life back.  Why do we have to go through this?”
The facility was built almost two years ago in a quiet rural  area. Some residents say the AMA sanctioned track disturbs the area with noise and dust.  They say the track has caused property values to drop.  Residents also a ledge that County officials have helped the track by violating zoning ordinances.

Representatives for the track delivered a presentation that focused on drainage issues that the homeowners said were caused by the track.  The track representatives said that hasn’t occurred.  They also said the track has taken steps to water down the track to prevent dust.

Track representative Zach Bailey said,” we have represented ourselves and our company truthfully and have done our due diligence our construction and operation of the facility.” 

After the presentations, county officials said part of the problem is the result of the county not having any way to enforce zoning violations.

Commissioner Nathan Gabhart commented, “the buck stops with us we are the executive and legislative branch of the county we have to deal with this mess  we will deal with this mess.”

The county commissioners hope to have a plan to deal with the situation in 90 days.

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