Puppies Abandoned Outside Shelter In Freezing Temperatures


Tuesday night four puppies were dumped out in the cold near the Sullivan County Humane Shelter.
They are safe but shelter officials are still searching for answers.
The shelter received a call Tuesday evening that puppies had been found at a near by business after a man in  a pick-up truck had dropped them off outside the shelter.
Though they were all found in good condition the manner in which they were dropped off is what is concerning to the shelter.
A person at a near by business found two puppies hiding under their truck after they were dumped outside of the Sullivan County humane society.

“So I came up at about 7:30 last night, as I was watching the surveillance camera to see if I could see how many puppies had actually been dropped off. My boys were outside looking and they located the third puppy,” says Shelter Manager Tina Baker.

On surveillance footage, a man in a pick up truck can be seen dropping off the puppies, that the shelter suspects are around 10 weeks old, after business hours in sub freezing temperatures.

“According to what we can see on our cameras, he pulls up, goes straight to the side, gets out and removes the puppies and drives off,” says Baker.
Not only did the man abandon the puppies in dangerous conditions, but he also dumped them on the shelter without paying the $45 fee for dropping off a dog.

“Even though we are a shelter, abandonment states that you have to make proper provisions of care for your animal and in my opinion and the shelter staff’s opinion, this is not making proper provisions of care,” says Baker.

The fee that owners pay goes towards shots, spay and neutering, food, cost of care, and any medical needs these puppies have during their stay.

“The puppies did know the person that was dropping them off because they were obviously trying to follow the individual, he just drove off,” says Baker.

The shelter is glad they found the puppies when they did due to their location near a major highway and the weather conditions. The puppies could have been in grave danger.

“We are fighting a never ending battle. We are always going to have strays, we are always going to have owner surrenders but what we need you guys to understand is we need you to do the right thing,” says Baker.

No charges have been  filed in this matter. However, the shelter says they have been in contact with the Sullivan County Prosecutor to discuss options.
The shelter is planning on pursuing as much legal action is possible.
The puppies will be available for adoption by the end of january.

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