Protecting Your Data


It’s a scam that’s holding your computer hostage, for a price.

“It is very terrifying,” Jeff Fox said. “It’s absolutely terrifying because we live in that age. Most people don’t have files anymore. They are all paperless and for all those great things that computers do for us, they come with those hazards.”

Ransomware is the latest attack to hit Vigo County. 

Hackers target computers by shutting down a person’s screen. Then, the hackers demand a ransom to get your access back.

But even when you pay, you might not get your data back. That’s why Vigo County Sheriff’s Major of Operations Jeff Fox says it’s important to be alert.

“You have to keep that information offline,” Fox said. “So somewhere with an external drive or something that will maintain your data. Just like when you crash your car, it’s much easier to replace the car than to replace you.”

We took the question to our Facebook page. Not only had many of you heard of the scam, some voiced their experiences with a variety of scams that are designed to take your money and information.    

Terre Haute Police Officer Ryan Adamson says it’s best to use common sense when receiving a message. 

“First of all if it’s too good to be true it is,” Adamson said. “You probably don’t have a rich uncle in Dubai that wants to send you a million dollars, if you send him or her your bank account information. So don’t do that.” 

And if you receive a message… 

“Do your homework. That’s the simplest thing,” Adamson said. “Always check and always err on the side of caution.” 

If you receive an email you believe is a scam, don’t click on any links attached. If you receive a scam call, simply hang up.

If you believe you have received a scam, you can contact the Vigo County Sheriffs Department and the Triad Scam Hotline at 812-231-1430.

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