Protecting Against Mosquitoes

“Even a small little McDonald’s cup can breed hundreds of mosquitoes,” Christina Keller said.  
All the rain and storms this summer, have created the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
“We want to avoid having a high number of mosquitoes and we can play a huge roll in that,” Christina Keller said.  
Since the last week of May, the Vigo County Health Department has been spraying for mosquitoes, Monday through Friday, throughout the county.
A new report shows West Nile virus was found in twelve different Indiana counties, including Vigo.
But what does that mean exactly?
“There was a lot of confusion, I think of what really happened when the state report came out that we have a positive, what is called a positive pool, in Vigo County,” Christina Keller said. “All that means is that we have a body of water that we found a mosquito that tested positive for the west nile virus.” 
Christina Keller, Health Educator and Media Coordinator for the Vigo County health department says that although there is no person or persons that have been infected with the virus there are tips you should follow to keep mosquitoes away.
“The type of mosquito that spreads west nile, they like to breed in small bodies of water,”Christina Keller said. “That’s the reason we want people to dump out those small stagnate pools of water where that be a cup in their back yard or gutters.” 
So how do they know where to spray and how much to spray? 
“They go out, especially after big floods for example, when the river floods or big rains, heavy rains,” Christina Keller said. ” They will go out and they will treat those sites to begin with.”
The health department will continue to spray until the first major frost but if you find a body of water Keller says don’t hesitate to call. 
“Feel free to call us with questions and we will do our best to make sure everything has been treated,” Christina Keller said. 
For a schedule of where they will be spraying click here. 

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