Promoting Pedestrian Safety


Just this month Terre Haute Police have responded to two instances of pedestrians hit and killed by vehicles.

The first fatality happened the night of November 11th on US-41 at 3rd Avenue.

The most recent fatality happened the night of November 25th at Poplar and 17th Street.

Both instances are still under investigation and THPD is taking this opportunity to provide some safety tips for both drivers and pedestrians.

According to the United States Department of Safety, in 2016 5,987 deaths were attributed to pedestrian and motor vehicle collisions.

Variables  such as weather, traffic, and time of day can all pla a part in this tragic incidents.

“You can’t think because you’re gonna cross the street at four o’clock in the morning that there won’t be a car coming,” said Sg.t Denzil Lewis of THPD.

According to Sgt. Lewis, drivers and pedestrians need to work together to stay safe, “As a driver, you know you can’t be distracted because you gotta realize that at any minute at any second somebody can walk out between two cars and they’re not paying attention either”.

The topic of distracted walking is just as important as distracted driving.

“You have to have situational awareness. I mean if you’re crossing a street the last thing you need to be doing is checking your phone,” said Sgt. Lewis.

The safest place to go when crossing the street is the crosswalk where drivers should already be on a higher alert for pedestrian traffic, “If you think about it, we as drivers that’s where are most conditioned to expect someone to cross therefore we’re looking for people”.

Street and crosswalk safety is very important, and the best way to go about staying safe is by getting back to the basics, “It’s a two way street. So whether you’re the person crossing the street or you’re the person driving the car you know you just have to use your common sense.”

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