Driving in snow or on slippery road conditions is never recommended but there are times you have to brave the elements.
“It was a little unexpected this morning. I wasn’t planning on my car being covered,” said Sullivan resident, Shayna Riggle. 
People around the Wabash Valley woke up to snow, but even though it might not seem  treacherous, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 
“We have more problems accident wise when it’s snowing like it is today. Those light snow falls that half inch or an inch people don’t think to slow down. A lot of people don’t think to stay in,” said Sheriff Clark Cottom of Sullivan County. 
Even with just a couple of inches of snow on the roads, it can effect how you drive. 
“Roads weren’t too bad as I planed. I did slip and slide a little bit,” said Riggle. 
When driving in this weather the best thing is to leave enough space.
“One of the most important things is to have a safe following distance. If you keep a nice buffer zone between you and other traffic, if anything does go wrong then that accident will be isolated to just your vehicle,” said Sheriff Cottom. 
Now, most of the time when dealing with weather like this folks forget preparing your car before hitting the roads is a crucial part to staying safe.
“It’s real important to start that car up early, let it de-thaw and get all the snow removed from the windows and from the top of the vehicle so you have good vision all the way around,” said Sheriff Cottom.