The frigid weather that has hit the Wabash Valley can be dangerous in many ways. Today, we saw people out and about. Everyone was wearing a coat, and many had gloves, but quite a few had no hat, scarf or hood to cover their heads.

Health experts say you must have adequate protection against the elements, or run the risk of frostnip, or the more dangerous frostbite.

“Be aware of the weather, and be prepared. Don’t think you’re going to play in the snow or go do something in very cold temperatures and not have hat and gloves and layered clothing,” said Samantha Volstrof, a nurse practitioner at Paris Community Hospital.

Anytime temperatures drop below freezing there is a risk. And the lower the mercury drops, the more dangerous it can be. The first parts of the body to feel an impact will be the extremities, fingers, toes, ears, nose and cheeks.

 If you’re concerned about a possible cold temperature injury, the advice is take it slow. “Get into where it’s warm, take off any cold wet items, get on dry warm things, warm your body slowly and use warm water, not hot, that’s very important,” said Volstrof.Finally, if you suspect frostbite, see a doctor.