Preparing the Roadways


Brine is the combination of salt and water. 

The solution can melt ice and make it safer for drivers.

And, as the temperature drops and the chance for snow and ice increases, crews will put brine on the pavement to try and get ahead of problem conditions.

There are more than 900 miles of road in Vigo County. So, officials ask folks to be patient when they see the trucks out.

“Anytime you see a snow truck try to give them as much leeway as possible,” says Dan Bennett of the Vigo County Highway Dept. “It’s pretty heavy the big tandem trucks are loaded and the roads are slick and they got big plow on them you know. So give them a little time to get the roads cleared off. Why the more space you give them the more we appreciate it.”

Last year, he county used more than 2,400 tons of salt to clear the roadway.

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