Praying for Justice in Child Molestation Case


For more than two years, the Talbert family in Daviess County has been seeking justice for their daughter.

They say she was sexually assaulted and an arrest was made. 

 Kyle Sickbert is the suspect.

Back in 2015, he faced six felony charges from the Daviess County Court. 

  •     2, level one felonies for child molesting
  •     2, level four felonies for child molesting
  •     1, level 6 felony for sexual battery
  •     1, level 6 felony for sexual misconduct with a minor

So for more than 730 days, the Talbert’s prepared to see this man in court for the crimes they say he committed against their 12-year-old. 

But before the trial could begin, the family faced a devastating set back.

First, we want viewers to know that the Talbert family agreed to talk to us on camera, hoping to shed light on what they believe is a miscarriage of justice.

It’s found here in these papers that detail a plea agreement.

On October 23rd of this year, Kyle Sickbert agreed to plead guilty to only one level 6 felony- for sexual misconduct with a minor. 

If the judge agrees to the deal as written, Sickbert would spend 900 days in home detention, with 540 of those being suspended, leaving 360 days to be served. 

He is to have no contact with the minor, or members of the family and he’ll be placed in the Community Corrections Program. 

What really has Annette Talbert upset is that Sickbert isn’t required, up front, to register as a sex offender and is pleading guilty to the lowest felony charge. 

“Excuse me just a minute…you know, it’s just hard…when it involves a 12-year-old child,” shutters Annette Talbert.  

July 5th, 2015 is a day forever ingrained in the Talbert’s memory. 

It’s the day their daughter says she was raped. 

Since then, they haven’t been the same.  

“The kids at school had found out that she had been raped,” says Talbert. “They started teasing her and I had to pull her out of school.” 

Annette accuses this man, now, 32-year-old Kyle Sickbert with the unthinkable. 

“The aftermath effects a person, but in April of this year, the aftermath surfaced because our daughter tried to take her life.” 

For two years, the Talbert’s have been battling for justice, but Annette she says that the court system is failing her family. 

“My daughter has made it clear that she doesn’t agree with this decision, but she has been overlooked. Her words were completely ignored.” 

Talbert says Sickbert needs to pay the penalty for his crimes that he’s been charged with. 

“If this man is able to walk with just pleading [guilty] to a level 6 felony, after all he’s done to my daughter,” says Talbert. “Then quite frankly, legally, we are no better off today then what we were in the stone age.”

Sickbert and the Talbert family will appear in the Daviess County Superior Court on Wednesday afternoon. 

There is a possibility that the judge will alter the prior plea deal. 

WTWO did make calls to the Daviess County Superior Court to ask for Donita Farr, the chief deputy prosecuting attorney about this case, and have yet to hear back. 

We were able to verify details in this case directly to legal documentation. 

The Talbert’s say that no matter the decision, they will move forward as a family, but hope that others will pay attention to what they’re going through so that they can have a different outcome. 

We will be there to report the ruling Wednesday. 

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