Powerball pot up to 750 million dollars


The pot started with 40 million dollars.

Now the Powerball is up to 750 million and gas stations around Terre Haute are feeling the lotto fever.

“This is the time that everybody starts dreaming about, what would I do?” said Fort Harrison Mini Mart co-owner Adam Hartman.

He says groups of people pool together money to increase their chances of winning the Powerball.

“20 or 30 people get in there throw a couple bucks each and then they buy hundreds of tickets at time,” said Hartman.

With almost 4,500 retailers in the state, you begin to wonder where the revenue from the Hoosier Lottery goes.

“30 million to our local police and firefighter pension fund. 30 million to teacher retirement funds,” said Hoosier Lottery Executive Director Sarah Taylor. “And all remaining dollars, so in the case of Fiscal Year 2018, that was approximately 246 million dollars goes into the Build Indiana Fund.”

Last year 17,860,262 dollars ended back up in Vigo County, with 500,672 dollars going towards teacher retirement and 657,868 towards police and firefighter pensions.

With the Hoosier Lotto giving back to communities like ours, what would you do with 750 million?

Resident Levi Fitzgerald says he would put his church and his family first.

“I would first of all tithe my money as a man of God,” he said. “Also God talks about sewing seeds for generations to come. So I would sew a seed for my kids, grand-kids, great grand-kids.”

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