Potholes Across County Lines


You may have noticed that local roads seem to have fewer potholes than you would normally see and for cities like Terre Haute, drivers are thrilled about that.

But what about in the smaller towns?

We did some checking today and here’s what we found.

Driving down third street in Terre Haute is a seamless smooth ride thanks to the lack of snow, ice and sleet this year.

“It’s not been a bad winter so you know, I think the city’s doing a real good job,” sys Jerry Rutledte, Terre Haute resident. 

“Especially without the weather we’ve been having lately, it’s just been cold,” says Jajuan Jackson, a Terre Haute resident. “So that’s a good thing this year.”

Those inside the city limits say that getting into their cars to drive to work isn’t a hassle or a worry this year.

“It’s kinda getting better,” says Jackson. “It’s better than when I first moved down here. There were potholes everywhere. But it’s not as much as it used to be so that’s good.”

But the story isn’t the same for smaller towns in the Wabash Valley.

Take Farmersburg for example.

The roads look completely different.

“I hate to even walk to the post office and I only live a block because the streets and the roads are really bad,” says Debra McNiell, a Farmersburg resident.

Some say that’s due to lack of funds, but residents think otherwise.

“They say there’s not enough money in the funds to fix the roads but they can fix other things but the roads aren’t being taken care of,” says McNiell. 

No matter where you live, when you do run into a pothole, it’s never a good thing.

“When I drive sometime’s it just hits cars and then like my tire,” says Jackson. “You know, causes so many damn problems my tire rod and everything, so it’s just like ‘ugh’.”

“I’m going to be out of here in five years because the roads are getting bad and no one has fixed them since we’ve moved here,” says McNiell.

The theme remains the same, this year, potholes are not as abundant or prevalent as last year.

But they are still a consistent nuisance.

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