Potential Tax Increase Has Some Vigo Co. Residents Frustrated


Dave Theiman says “I think it would certainly affect a lot of people.”

A new proposal by the Vigo County Commissioners could raise the county income tax from 1.25% to 2.5%, doubling it. To put it into perspective that would equal about one paycheck a year.

Dave Theiman says “You take one paycheck out of a family’s income each year, I think that’s way too much.”

The tax increase is proposed to help pay for a new jail. For Vigo County resident Dave Theiman, that’s an issue.

Dave Theiman says “If this were to be spent on our schools I’d certainly be for it.”

Pete Wilson is a local realtor, he says while he gets both sides of the argument, sometimes there is nothing else you can do.

Pete Wilson says “No one wants to see money come out of their pocket but we all want the services we want and they have to be paid for one way or another.”

But Pete isn’t sure that it’s completely necessary to increase the income tax that much.

Pete Wilson says “I don’t know too many people that if they’re living paycheck to paycheck can afford to lose one paycheck a year. That’s gonna be hard and that’s why I say I’m not really sure that we have to go all the way to doubling our income tax all at once.”

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