Possible Animal Neglect in Greencastle


A concerned neighbor in Putnam County is trying to shine a light on a possible case of animal neglect on a property right next to his own. 

When WTWO got to the property located in Greencastle, the allegations voiced by Barry Taylor were clearly visible. 

No shelter for the horses.

Old hay that was covered in feces.

Not a proper place to provide quality care for these animals. 

The interesting thing though, when WTWO arrived at the property all the horses were gone. 

“You have four horses in that? You gotta be kidding me. Look at it, just look at it,” says Barry Taylor.  

What you’re looking at is a beaten down feeder that’s surrounded by old moldy hay covered in feces. 

“Yesterday I was sitting here, watching these poor things, eat that stuff,” says Taylor. “They’re eating their own manure, their own feces, their own urine. I could see the stuff dripping out of their mouth and it just made me sick.”  

Taylor, an 83-year-old veteran and lifetime resident of this property says seeing the animals made him sick. 

“This one horse you look at her from the back is just her hip bones sticking out there,” says Taylor. “I mean, shes starving to death.”

Besides the animals health, shelter is not readily accessible for them.

Night came and went and when Taylor went to see the animals less than 24-hours later, to make sure we could see what he was talking about, they were gone. 

“Well, they knew that you guys were coming,” says Taylor. “They knew that I was going to call the TV station. They knew that I was really upset.”

There’s more to this story than what meets the eye. 

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Department has dealt with this same property in the past. 

“Roughly in the spring of last year, April…May, somewhere in that area, we were actually contacted by the State Board of Health,” says Chief Deputy Phil Parker.  

The owner of the property agreed with the department to remove and relocate the animals. 

Two weeks later the situation seemed to have been resolved…until now. 

“We have an ongoing investigation,” says Chief Deputy Parker. “Started yesterday when we received a call. Again, these are allegations. These are not facts as we know them yet.”

The State Board of Health was expected at the property Thursday to investigate these claims further. 

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Department is assisting in the investigation. 

The sheriff’s department does have photos, but those cannot be released until the investigation is complete. 

As to the horses’ location, one has been reportedly sold to a buyer in Michigan.

The other three were 4-h horses. 

They were either returned to their owners or relocated. 

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