EFRAT, Israel — Albert Ruback and his family moved from the U.S. to the Israeli settlement of Efrat in 2000. He said his 20-year-old daughter was in one of the military bases attacked by Hamas this past weekend.

“They were under siege for 15 hours,” Ruback said.

According to Ruback, his daughter was eventually able to escape to safety, but 20 of her peers were killed, two of whom died in her arms.

”She was going to go to the funeral of one of the soldiers that she said saved her life but…the funeral was delayed. I think they’re reports that they might be sending rockets to gatherings of people like that at funerals,” Ruback said. “It’s so senseless.”

Several Indiana leaders such as Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch said the U.S. should condemn the attack.

”We have to look at the assistance that we can provide and I think all options should be on the table.” Lt. Gov. Crouch said.

However, some lawmakers said any additional support will have added challenges due to the House of Representatives lacking a leader. Sen. Todd Young said Congress needs to provide more critical armaments to Israel but is restricted in doing so without a House Speaker.

”I think it’s really important that House Republicans come together, they identify another speaker in short order, and I think that will happen,” Sen. Young said.

However, Rep. Greg Pence said he’s confident the House will draft a resolution in support of Israel with or without a House Speaker.

”We would condemn the activities that have occurred by Hamas and Hezbollah, whether the dollars are a part of that, we have to see how long this goes,” Rep. Pence said.

Gov. Holcomb has ordered all flags on state properties to fly at half-staff through next Sunday to honor the lives lost in Israel.