VIGO CO, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Plumbers in the Wabash Valley are on standby, anticipating an increase in calls the day after Thanksgiving.

That’s due to people clogging their drains.

Here’s some advice on how to avoid a hefty bill and repair.

  • Don’t put grease down the sink drain; instead, put it in a can and throw it away.
  • Avoid putting starchy foods in the garbage disposal.
  • The best way to clean your drain or garbage disposal is by using hot water and Dawn soap.
  • Wet and baby wipes should not be flushed down a toilet.

Travis Wilbur with Wabash Valley Plumbing said the bill price depends on several factors.

“It’s like if a place has a crawl space or basement and [grease] runs and clogs there, and it can’t be taken out with a snake or roto rooter, you’re going to have to remove that pipe. It could just be a headache and expensive for a homeowner,” Wilbur said.

Wabash Valley Plumbing can be contacted at 812-878-2482.