PLEASANTVILLE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Pleasantville United Methodist church has been around since 1819.

According to its members, one thing has kept it going for 200 years.

“Generations have gone here. My grandparents went here and my dad and mother. That’s why I started, and my daughters. I raised my three daughters in this church,” said member, Gloria Bonham.

In those two centuries, t congregation faced a tragedy.

“It’s been five different churches on this location since 1819. I’m not sure how many burned or just wore out and tore down and rebuilt and what happened. I do know the big church burned in 1958,” said member, Louis Bonham.

The church’s bell was destroyed in the fire.

“The bell was in the bell tower and the fall made it crack,” Louis Bonham said.

The bell was recovered by one of the church’s members after the fire.

As the church’s anniversary approached, Bonham took matters into his own hands by restoring the bell.

“Brought it home and worked on it for about two weeks. Getting it ready to come out. I had several members of the congregation to come out and help me and we got it out in the front yard,” he said.

Members of the church stood around the bell Sunday afternoon to dedicate it.

The dedication of the bell included a special service with prayer, hymns and opportunities for members to share their favorite memories.