Plasse Back on the Job


Plasse was deployed with the 38th Infantry of the National Guard.

There were some trials and tribulations during the time, but now he’s back and ready to be a part of a community he cares so much about.

For THPD Chief John Plasse, deployment is nothing new.

“This is my third one so I guess as you go, you get used to it. They get easier, because you’ve done it before, you get adapted to that,” said Plasse.

His third and most recent deployment, was to Guantanamo Bay. The task, a little bit different from the last 2 deployments.

“It’s not like a real deployment, like the ones in the past. No one was shooting at us so that was refreshing. It was more or less doing a job in a different environment.”

While in Cuba, Chief Plasse was tasked with the job of chief of logistics, basically making sure things went smoothly while they were stationed at the historic naval base and prison.

“I was the logistics chief so I was over all the supplies coming in, and we also oversaw the detainee transfers as they were shipped out.”

9 months is a long time to be away, no matter how much “easier” it gets, and in these past 9 months the country has seen quite a bit of turmoil surrounding police officers. Chief Plasse admits it was hard to not be here for that.

“Seeing that and not being able to comfort my officers, and to see there getting a bad wrap nationwide and they shouldn’t because they do a great job here. Feeling safer there than I would here is troubling and not being able to do something with that. That was for me probably the hardest thing.

But now he’s back, and the balloons in his office would lead you to believe the staff is excited to have him back.

“Everybody I’ve seen has said welcome back were glad you’re here. I’m sure there are some that aren’t happy I’m back but I think most of them are.”

There are a few things that do make the transition back to every day life a little difficult though.

 “There’s codes on some doors you forget because you don’t do them every day so I’m just gonna call Mark or Shawn and ask what the code for this or for that. What password do I need for this screen to see what calls are going on. You know you forget a lot when you don’t do it everyday.”

Chief Plasse is now back to a normal schedule. Spending a lot of time catching up on training that he missed.

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