Planting for the Future


South 7th Street got an early morning surprise Saturday, as neighbors awoke to more than 50 volunteers planting new trees along the road.

“It’s a big step forward for this part of 7th street,” Todd Nation said.  
Thanks to recent improvement to the street and the sidewalks, Todd Nation and his young son Theo take walks every morning. 
And seeing the new trees was an added bonus. 

“It’s nice to see this area getting invested in by the city,” Nation said. “We need to do these basic maintenance projects and then we also need to be able to put trees back after the projects are done and that’s were groups like Trees Incorporated come in and all these great volunteers who are helping.”

The first phase of South 7th Street construction was completed back in September and with it more than 13 trees were cut down. 

Saturday more than 50 volunteers from Trees Inc., ISU and Terre Haute South planned to replace those lost and by planting 27 trees of different variety from Oak Street to Washington. 

And they did it just shy of an hour. 

“Our Terre Haute area has lost a lot of trees,” Kim Kimbler said. “We’ve lost a lot of trees to the emerald ash bore, we’ve lost a lot of trees to the age of the trees and if we don’t keep planting more trees we won’t have any trees left. So we just have to get to a point where we keep planting trees. 
For some the event was a chance to learn how to plant a tree for the first time. 

And have fun while doing it. 

For high school students Alyssa, Hailey , Caroline And Hanah the experience gave them a chance to not only give back by leave a mark. 

“I think we are going to be really proud,” Hailey said.  

“I did that,” Caroline said.  

“Yeah we did,” Alyssa said.  

“I think we are going to be really proud of everything that we’ve done,” Hailey said. “I feel like it’s making Terre Haute beautiful and making it more scenic.”        

A view folks driving along South 7th will enjoy for years to come. 
The second phase of 7th Street construction is already underway. 
And as of now there is no word if or how many trees will be cut down. 
However, officials at Trees Inc. say they will plant when that project is done. 

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