Plan Ahead for Valentine’s Day

For hopeful and hopeless romantics, your special day is fast approaching.
With the Valentine’s holidays next Tuesday, are you still able to get dinner reservations? 
Do you have plenty of options for gifts? 
Everyone has different expectations for the holiday of love. 
But, you are still in luck as far as getting your plans in line.  
So for those of you who need a last-minute gift, listen up. 
If chocolates and stuffies are your main choice for Valentine’s Day, many local grocery stores in Terre Haute are still fully stocked with plenty of options. 
But let’s say flowers are your go to.
The Poplar Florist, which has been in business since the 1920’s, already is filling orders, but you only have until Monday at 1 p.m. to get your orders in before it’s too late to get a custom arrangement. 
“Every thing’s fresh,” says owner Jim Sitarski. “We use underwater cutting in our flower shop. So everything we process ourselves. And we try to keep the front cooler filled, so if you wanted to stop in and get something we should have plenty of flowers here for you.”
Tuesday night is the night for romance this year, and if you are looking for a place to wine and dine, it may be a little harder than before and may take some time management. 
Many restaurants don’t accept reservations. 
Places like Texas Roadhouse, Outback Steakhouse, Chili’s and more have switched to call ahead seating on the day of. 
“You definitely should pay attention to call ahead seating and whether or not you can get in,” says Caleb Paauwe. “Cause like, I’m taking my mom on Valentine’s Say on a date so if I can’t get in somewhere that would definitely stink. She would be very disappointed.”  
But if you don’t want to fight the crowds or you’re just a simple person to please, then a take home meal from Baesler’s for just $32 dollars is ready for you. 
All you have to do is put it in the oven at 165 degrees, and wha-la, dinner is served. 
However, the Valentine’s Day expectation to celebrate love with a significant other isn’t always how some choose to spend this holiday. 
“You don’t need a girlfriend on Valentine’s day,” says Caleb. “You just been a mom who loves you.” 
And for anyone still on the prowl for a Valentine’s Day, you know mom’s always have the best advice. 
“I would say, definitely young men today need to look for a woman that will respect them and appreciate them for the wonderful man that they are,” says Crystal Paauwe. 
141 million Valentine’s Day cards are given on the holiday, making it the second-most popular card-giving holiday, according to Hallmark. 
So if finding a reservation, buying gifts, or whatever your special plan is, a card is the most simple way to go.

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