TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — A mother’s determination to see her puppies survive helped each of them land in a loving home.

At the beginning of the year, we introduced you to Jersey and her eight puppies.

Jersey burried her puppies under some mulch at a local park to keep them warm. She then, tried to grab the attention of a nearby woman.

The eight pitbull mix puppies generated a huge interest from the public through a Facebook post. They stayed at the humane society for five weeks before they were all sent to their new homes.

A mother’s love is a bond that can’t be broken .. no matter the species.

“She had buried them in the mulch to keep them warm and then she went and got help … And she had eight babies buried in the mulch,” Lynn Harden with the humane society said.

You can imagine, the story went viral from the humane society’s Facebook page. Our station also brought you the adorable and heart warming story featuring the youngest residents at the shelter.

Staff say they were bombarded with interest in adopting the pups and it took no time at all until all eight were adopted, all in one day.

“The first time I saw the Facebook post that the humane society had posted and I knew that they were definitely special because of their mom and they were lead to the right place,” Hailey Walden said.

Walden was the first to pick up her pup, Jasper.

“I’m extremely excited, I’ve been waiting for a day to get a dog of my own and today’s the day.”

Though, this isn’t the first pup Hailey has loved or even adopted from the humane society. In fact, Hailey thinks what brought her to Jasper, was some sort of fate.

“A few years ago we had a beagle named Gibby and we bought him in Jasper, Indiana and his name was Gilbert Jasper, so it was just a sign from our other dogs.”

No doubt, little Jasper will be loved fully in his new home. But that’s not to suggest there was any lack of love at the humane society. Some of that was a labor of love.

“It usually takes about two hours every morning just to clean and feed and get them dry beds and then throughout the day we’ll check their food and water,” Harden said.

The puppies were bathed every other day and fed multiple times a day.

“Get fed twice a day and then they get overnight food because they’re growing. And they get treats.”

As for mom, Jersey, she was adopted into a loving home just one day after her pups

Her new owner says she was looking for an older dog after just losing one of hers and that Jersey’s face was adorable. This was before she read about Jersey’s story. She says she’s happy to give her a better life.