Pi Day at Camp Navigate


Some students on the younger side got to celebrate the holiday by learning the fundamentals of computer programming.

Rose Hulman students and professors held “Pi Day” at Camp Navigate this afternoon.

Young campers learned coding and how to do so with blocks instead of computers.

Officials say these types of exercises and activities help increase their interest in computer science and programming.

They’re advanced fields that pay high salaries unfortunately the number of people entering the fields are low.

That’s why one professor says it’s best to get folks interested at an early age.

“So I’d say it’s important because there just really a lot of jobs in computer science and computer programming, and there’s really a lot of fun things you can do. Um, and one of the things that’s kind of not moving as well as it should, it’s really not happening in the local schools yet. And I think it will, but it’s not there yet. And so it’s really neat for places like Camp Navigate to where they can move faster and they can make these opportunities for the kidstoday.” — David Fisher, Rose-Hulman Computer Science Professor

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