Pet owners react to proposed changes in rules regarding animals


The Terre Haute City Council is looking to amending the city’s animal control regulations. Part of it would help better protect animals  in extreme weather conditions. 

Terre Haute is looking to amend and add to a city ordinance aimed at protecting animals and helping pet owners and the city better care for the animal population.  

“I am thrilled,” Sunni Shultz said. “It’s about time. It’s way over do.” 

The proposed measure would require weather resistant shelters large enough for animals to fit their entire bodies inside.  

It also mandates that when temperatures dip below 20 degrees or above 90 degrees animals must be brought inside a home or climate-controlled building. 

And pet owners who leave pets outside in extreme weather conditions could face a minimum of 300 dollar fine for each offense.  

“I would say it should be at least five hundred dollars,” Tori Hall said.  

“It’s five hundred if you litter,” Shultz said. “These are animals that depend on us to take good care of them.” 

Others are worried too high of a fine would cause overcrowding at shelters and hope the money collected by the fine go to local shelters. 

“There are people that leave their dogs out that will just let them loose and let them run and then they will end up at the shelter and they will be someone else’s problem,” Robin said. “So, you have to make sure it’s something that is affordable but will still hurt.” 

Animal activist Luann Modesitt is also for the new ordinance.  

“I 100% think it will be a good thing because then people will know if they see an animal, they can contact the shelter who can alert Animal Control or authorities them self so we can get the animals help before the situation is too late,” Luann Modesitt said.  

Along with the fine the ordinance gives clear guidelines to what agricultural animals pet owners would not be allowed to have in city limits. 

If you would like to see the ordinance in it’s entirely click here

We wanted your opinion on the ordinance and it a Facebook poll. Currently an overwhelming majority are in favor of the new ordinance. 

If you would like to cast your vote, click here

Thursday the Terre Haute City Council will be the first reading of the ordinance. 

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