Pedal to the Metal


We first introduced you to the Terre Haute South Super Mileage Club back several weeks ago when they were working on their car. 
Over the weekend the group competed in the Shell-Eco-Marathon America’s competition in California.
The contest is a challenge for both high school and college teams to stretch a gallon of gas to the limit. 
The Terre Haute South car got 450 miles to the gallon on the track and the team placed 14th out of 36. 
“Getting to meet new people in Sonoma, it’s great to see how the teams come together to help each other if you are missing a part and the other team might help you out,” Trevor Burger said. “And we helped out with other teams by giving them our spare parts we had.” 

“My first year everyone was new and I had never seen all these people but my third year it’s like you see these same people every year and you talk to theses same people every year and see how they progress and how their cars have changed and their new cars,” Maverick McGill said. “So it’s just really cool to meet all the people and talk to them.”

The team hopes to compete again next year. 

Their goal is to place in the top three. 

That would qualify them for an international competition in England. 

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