One on One Exclusive with Donald Trump


Donald Trump says “I’m just a messenger, I think I do a decent job of it, and they’ve never seen it before, they write it on time magazine often, it’s sort of an uprising of people.

Since Donald Trump announced his run for the White House he became one of the most polarizing and controversial candidates in the race. Now the GOP front runner finds himself approaching the needed delegates for the nomination.

Trump spoke Sunday in Terre Haute as part of his campaigning efforts where thousands of people turned out to hear the New York billionaire speak.

Donald Trump says “It was so incredible having that whole scene, it was a scene, it was incredible, and you saw the love that was in the room, I loved it.”

While in Terre Haute Trump spoke with Mayor Bennett and other local officials, he says he wants the the federal government to help local governments, not hinder them.

Donald Trump says “We’re gonna help the Mayor and we’re gonna help everybody. We’re gonna keep the jobs, were gonna make it so that it’s not so easy on the federal level for people to come in and steal our jobs, move them to Mexico move them to all these other places, steal our jobs and industries and move them to China.”

That’s a bold promise, but Trump offered no specifics on how he would accomplish those goals. If he gets an opportunity to try, it could be because of the pivotal role played by Indiana this primary election. And the GOP front runner is well aware of that.

Donald Trump says “They’re great people. Hard workers, and smart. And it would be such an honor to win in Indiana because it puts me over the top.”

 Just this past Friday Indiana Governor Mike Pence endorsed Senator Ted Cruz, but Trump says he’s not concerned, and has his theories on why the Governor endorsed Senator Cruz.

Donald Trump says “It’s almost as if he endorsed me more, most people said the endorsement was better for me than it was for Cruz, it was the weakest endorsement in the history of the world okay? But he had a lot of pressure from his donors, he had a lot of pressure from special interest groups that want to keep their system going.”

And if Trump does win the nomination and then the general election he says he’ll bring something different to the White House.

Donald Trump says “I think I’m gonna be a great cheerleader for the country, and this country needs a cheerleader, we need a promotion person that can sort of say how great we are because you know we don’t hear that anymore.”

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