Officials Aim to Secure a Vote Center


Before you cast a ballot this year, Vigo County election officials still have to fine tune some details.

The election board met today to discuss what’s in mind for future voters.

The big discussion focused on securing a vote center at Meadows Shopping Center. Baesler’s Market will no longer be a place to cast a ballot, so Meadows is a good alternative.

Not only that, but it could potentially increase voter turnout.

Right now, Meadows Shopping Center is the answer for many of the Vigo County Election Board members’ concerns.

And residents at Thursday’s meeting, like Andre Kummerow, agree.

“I’m thrilled to see Meadow’s even being discussed, Baesler’s was an excellent location, a lot of people came, Meadows is close it has good access,” Kummerow said.

If the county council approves a new voting center here, it would be the primary east side spot with at least nine voting machines.

It would also offer storage for the over one million dollars worth of voting equipment that’s currently kept in a garage.

“It would just be a step forward with a great place to store it, where we don’t have to worry about the elements, critters, trains going by every 15 minutes, rattling the machines to death,” County Clerk Brad Newman said.

Newman says if the board can secure this location, they would eliminate another voting center on the east side which would allow them to spread their voting machines out to Indiana State University’s campus where seven of them would be in use.

“If there is a voting place on the ISU facility, it would make it a lot simpler for me as a student to vote,” ISU student Samuel Hall said.

Hall just changed his voter address from Sullivan County to Vigo and he expects to vote in the upcoming local elections.

“I definitely want my voice to be heard.”

And he can see the benefit of voting centers closer to students.

“With most of these students going to be here for a four year period, that’s definitely within a full voting term, so policy is going to be affecting them. If they can vote easily, it increases voter output.”

The county council will discuss Meadows as a spot on Feb. 13th. The cost would be upwards of 69 thousand dollars for the next three years to create a voting space at the shopping center.

Other important items discussed at today’s meeting were protecting candidates’ personal information, especially those running who are judges, prosecutors or law enforcement.

Officials say it could be dangerous to disclose addresses or phone numbers.

Another item was campaign financial reports and making sure former candidates close out their committees and finalize their finances.

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