Norman family: Sarah Scott incident was case of unnecessary roughness, unintentional harm


A family is speaking out after their daughter was injured at Sarah Scott Middle School Tuesday afternoon.

This incident resulted in the Vigo County School Corporation investigating the situation, and the family’s Facebook post going viral.

According to the family, the original Facebook post was simply asking for those to pray for their daughter. What followed was a social media frenzy and the misconception that their child’s injuries were the result of bullying.

Jennifer Norman, called what happened to her daughter Tuesday afternoon an “incident of unnecessary roughness and unintentional harm.”

Norman’s daughter, 11-year-old Nevaeh, sustained a fracture to her backbone (the second lumbar spinal vertebra). The injury happened during a game of basketball. Nevaeh was picked up by another student and dropped, causing her to hit the ground.

Both Norman and her husband, Branden, came to the school and shortly after posted on Facebook to ask for prayers.

“Our biggest goal was we knew that the best way to connect with a lot of our friends and people that we know, instead of sending out 50 thousand text messages was to put it up and please pray for our child,” Norman said.

From there, the post, including pictures and comments, went viral. And the Norman’s are concerned that some people are accusing the boy of being a bully, and in turn are bullying the boy and his family.

“That’s the problem with social media,” Norman added. “I wasn’t looking to Smear Sarah Scott, wasn’t trying to smear Vigo County, nor this child, nor this his family.”

Norman said neither her nor the school consider the boy a bully.

“It’s not targeted, it’s not done all the time to that one kid but that’s the mentality of it,” Norman said. 

According to Norman, all parties are working together. 

“I think that’s what people need to know is that if you work right and do things right, things will work out for the best of all parties,” Norman said. 

Until she can go back to school, Nevaeh will be enrolled in the corporations home bound program, that’s where a Vigo County teacher will help her with school work. 
Currently Nevaeh is at home and in pain, but she is expected to make a full recovery.

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