No Ice is Safe Ice

The tragedy in Pike County certainly brings home the dangers that winter can bring.
The arctic cold can affect us in many ways. 
And with the polar plunge heading here to the Valley early next week, staying safe when out and about is as important as ever. 
Signs telling residents to stay off the ice aren’t an uncommon sight. 
Small ponds and lakes may have the appearance of being frozen, but when you take a step closer. they are frail and deceiving. 
“Knowing your landscape and also having an adult supervision for children and stuff would be a high, should be a high priority,” says Lt. Shawn Husband of the Honey Creek Fire Department.  
Unfortunately, it seems to take a tragedy, like the deaths of two children in Pike County, to raise awareness. 
“It’s probably not the best thing to be around ponds and lakes especially when it’s not completely frozen over,” says Morgan Eckert, a local resident.  
It’s recommended to have at least four inches of ice to sustain a person. 
No ice should be considered safe ice.
“Just stay off of it, stay away from it, because if you do fall through then you do panic,” says Eckert. 
Ice skating, hockey and winter games are wishes from many during this holiday season, but here in the Valley, the temperatures just don’t get cold enough. 
“If it’s less than three inches then you definitely want to stay off of it,” says Lt. Husband. “But look for the different cracking and any types of debris that may be sticking up through the ice because then it could be more weak there because there’s stuff in the way.”  
“For me, I love ice skating,” says Eckert. “So I would just make sure that you’re sticking the ice and making sure that it’s deep enough to go be able to go onto.”
If you participate in any outdoor activities, like ATV riding, ice fishing or the like, at least five inches of ice is recommended for ATV’s or snowmobiles. 
Eight inches of ice is needed to hold a small truck and 10 inches for a large truck. 
Whenever you do venture out to the ice, for whatever reason, don’t go alone. 
It’s best to always have a partner. 
Also carry a pair of ice picks tied together with a few yards of strong cord, in case you need to perform a self-rescue. 

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