New Year’s Know How’s: Free Cab Service

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With New Year’s Eve Saturday, many in the Wabash Valley will partake in late night festivities, some including alcohol and good times. 
We know that safety is always a top priority.
But today, WTWO learned more about the Lifeline Law and even a free service that you may want to consider using, if your plans have you out and about Saturday night to ring in the new year. 
Drinking, partying and having a good night watching the ball drops is the choice of many to ring in the New Year. 
But if things do get out of hand, within the state of Indiana, a law helps to protect minors if you do the right thing. 
“If you are a minor, and you’re involved with another minor who has been drinking, and that person can’t protect themselves, if you call 911, you can’t be prosecuted for underage drinking yourself,” says Scott Kyrouac, a Terre Haute lawyer. 
In order to receive immunity, the reporting individual must prove they are acting in good faith. 
And they must prove the following: 
  • Providing their full name upon request
  • Remaining on the scene until dismissed by officers
  • And cooperating at all times with all authorities on the scene. 
“Do the right thing,” says Kyrouac. “If somebody is drinking, friends don’t let friends drive, friends don’t let underage people drink and get intoxicated so that they can’t protect themselves.” 
But local businesses in Terre Haute are providing a free service for those who had too much of a good time singing “Old Lange Syne.”
Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos and Newlin will offer free cab rides.
“We want to ensure that people don’t get into an accident, and they can get home safely,” says Caleb Fleschner. “And it’s..we’ve been successful with it. We’ve ensured that a lot of people have gotten home and got home safely and had a fun time on New Year’s Eve.” 
Providing this service for free for residents is something the law firm says is more important than money. 
“If they want to get home safely, give us a call, and we’ll make sure that that happens,” says Fleschner.
The Lifeline Law is there to help save lives. 
However, the Lifeline Law does not interfere with law enforcement being able to prosecute for other criminal offenses.
Such as providing alcohol to minors, possession of controlled substances, or driving under the influence. 
Now law enforcement has been noticing a decrease in DUI’s and offenses associated with driving while intoxicated. 
Law enforcement officials say they want you to have a good time and enjoy New Year’s Eve parties, but remember to do so responsibly. 
Officials say the recipe is very simple: drive sober or use a designated driver. 
“We want you to do it in a safe manner,” says Sgt. Joe Watts of the Indiana State Police. “So make sure you have a designated driver, make sure that you’re driving safe. There are many alternative ways to get home besides putting yourself behind the wheel. And folks needs to remember that drunk driving is a choice you make. It’s not an accident that you’re behind the wheel intoxicated.”
Patrol officers will be more prevalent tomorrow night, so please make the right decision. 
If you want to use the free cab service, add these numbers to your phones.
The service is provided between 8 P.M. and 3 A.M.
The numbers to call are 812-961-TAXI or 812-251-TAXI. 
The taxi’s have extended their distance to which they travel, the only requirement is that you must be going to 
your home. 
You cannot use the taxi service to go to another bar or party.

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