New Year, No Invasives


The Vigo County Parks Department started its new year with a hike designed to teach locals about invasive species and how to remove them from areas.

A group gathered at Hawthorn Park Tuesday morning to learn about the removal of honeysuckle using an Extractigator, a tool that allows you to pull up the roots of the plants without using chemicals. 

The hike was around 2.5 miles and showed the group what kinds of invasive species are likely to spring up on their properties. 

“What we’re going to show folks today is how they take over the woods. The invasives that we’re showing them have out-competed our native species, that includes our plants and animals, so they’re taking over and not allowing our native plants and animals to survive,” said SICIM Regional Specialist Amber Slaughterbeck.

The Parks Department encourages people to look into volunteering for projects like the removal of invasive species, which take place year round. 

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