New Vigo County Sheriff’s cruisers headed to the roadways

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In Vigo County it’s easy to distinguish a Terre Haute Police cruiser from a Sheriff’s cruiser.

But now the streets will be monitored by sleek black Sheriff’s cruisers, and it may take drivers some time to get used to the new vehicles.

“We chose black to go with,” said Sheriff John Plasse. “Some other Sheriff’s agencies in Indiana have done that and they look pretty sharp, I think.”

Besides the shiny new paint job, a new safety feature has been added to the cruisers.

“One difference you’ll see is the push bumper. And we had just since I’ve been here, two car deer accidents where one deer totaled a car,” he said. “And I’m thinking if we had that push bumper it may not have been totaled.”

Plasse says the push bumper will also aid in the clearing of roadways during emergency situations, “So it’s a good safety feature to have and that’s a reason why we put those on there.”

The old cruisers are in good condition, but they’ve racked up a lot of miles.

“With the county we have to cover you get a lot of miles on them,” he said. “And most of the cars that are getting replaced have well over 100,000.”

Plasse is excited for the new fleet that will provide safer drives for his deputies.

“You know we need these vehicles out here to be safe,” he said. “They look nice and new and they are but we had some old vehicles that we’re replacing that are really really bad.”

The old cruisers will be given to reserve deputies, and Plasse hopes to have the new ones out on the roadways within the next few weeks.

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