A new school that focuses on agricultural training is ready for business.  It’s tuition free and will provide a personalized online educational experience.

A special informational session was held this evening for  the “Indiana Agriculture and Technology School.  The meeting took place at the Vigo County Public Library.

The school combines online learning with labs and project-based activities down on the farm.  In addition to the classwork, on-campus lab work will take place on a 600 acre farm in Morgan County.

The founder of program says many farmers are aging out and he hopes to inspire and train the next generation of farmers.

A mother who home schools says her son is very interested in the school.

“I think this is a good option because they’ve got the lessons that they’re going to work through, said Elizabeth Keegan.  They know what the lessons are going to be they know that if they want to work ahead and get done quicker they can do that.”

Enrollment is now open for Indiana residents.  Grades 7 – 12 will be offered core, honors and technical programs.  A.P. opportunities are also provided.  The enrollment will be capped at 160 students per grade level.

For more information, please visit the website link below.