New Licensing Requirement Nears Mandatory Date


You can get ahead of the curve and get yourself up-to-date before a change to your license becomes mandatory. 

If you don’t, the restrictions in place will hinder your travel plans and more. 

On the Indiana BMV website, the first thing you see are white letters with the warning: “don’t get grounded.” 

If you click to learn more about Real ID, you’ll see a gold star. 

It’s something you’ll need by October 1st of 2020. 

“I got the card in the mail saying that my license was expired in 21-days,” says John Bones. “It said if you- you need to get this and it tells you- it explains on the card exactly what you need to bring.” 

This poll on my Facebook page found that 68% of you who voted didn’t know about this new requirement. 

“I just, honestly, I could care less,” says Jahmar Williams. “Doesn’t really mean too much to me at all.” 

If you have the gold star on your license already, you’re already ahead of the game. 

“You got to do it? You got to do it,” says Bones. “I mean, I could see it’s going to help security.”

By 2020, you’ll need this gold star to board a federally regulated plane, entering any federal facilities, which includes military bases or to enter a nuclear power plant. 

“You had to have your birth certificate,” says Bones. “You had to have your social security card and then they wanted two proofs of address ID, like a utility bill or something like that.” 

“I mean, I definitely wouldn’t want nobody to treat me as if i’m not a person because I don’t have a star on my license?” says Williams. “So what if I don’t have- what if I wasn’t able to afford it?”

Right now, there is a renewal fee for getting a new license, which in Indiana is standard for any renewal reason. 

If you live in Illinois, when it’s time to renew your license, you have to go to the Secretary of State location nearest you.

Follow the process as normal, but now, you’ll leave with a temporary secure paper license.

After your information gets the all-clear, your permanent card will arrive in the mail within 15 business days, which will look different than your old one. 

It’s best to check your local BMV or Secretary of State Driver Services location for hours and days of operation. 

Indiana BMV

Illinois Driver Services

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