New Faces Join Vigo County School Board


It’s back to business, for the Vigo County School Corporation members met for the first school board meeting of the new year. Also, some new faces on the board got down to business. 

New board members Hank Irwin, Susan Powers, Rosemarie Scott and Joni Wise took their seats on the Vigo County School Board, it’s their first, since being elected into office.  

“It’s been very pleasing to watch their interaction and how they prepare themselves to get ready for their first board meeting tonight,” Dr. Robert Haworth said.  

Each new member is grateful for the chance to make a difference in the community.      

Newly elected vice president of the school board, Hank Irwin, ran unopposed in his election.  

He hopes to bring agriculture to classrooms.  

“As a farmer and as we look forward what we are going to do with the high schools I’m encouraged that we might get some agriculture education,” Hank Irwin said. “You know if we could get some agriculture education started and then maybe build on that in the future.”  

Dr. Susan Powers also ran unopposed and wants to add more technology to enhance education. 

“Helping the schools move forward with educational technology teaching and learning, have a conversation with legislatures about teacher pay and how we can help move that forward and supporting are schools and teachers and staff that work in those schools,” Dr. Susan Powers said.  

Councilwomen Joni Wise wants to help make the schools safer.  

“Assessing what is most important and urgent that needs to be address whether it’s facilities maintenance making sure that we are on track with working with NELOA,” Joni Wise said. “Just making sure that our students are safe in the environment that they need to be in and making sure it’s safe.”  

During the election, all of the candidates told voters they want to provide more trust and transparency.  

During this first meeting, they addressed the nepotism and conflict of interest policies by asking questions and listening.  

“We raise the questions in these meeting where the public has a chance to be there,” Powers said. “We carefully review the materials we have. We remember the trust that the public in us for the actions that we are going to take.” 

Overall new members are optimistic about the future of Vigo County Schools.      

“I think with four new individuals on the board it’s going to infuse, newness and freshness and add to what is already established,” Wise said.      

WTWO briefly talked with Rosemarie Scott off camera. 

She told WTWO that she is excited to be a part of the board and hopes to improve the physical structures of the high schools.  

The swim times for public swimming at the aquatic center were also announced. 

They are Monday and Friday from noon until 1:30 p.m. 

Tuesday and Thursday from 5:45 a.m. until 7:15 a.m. 

Sunday is from noon to 3 p.m. 

The cost is 5 dollars cash only and its only lap swim. 

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