Neighbors V. Motocross Compound War Continues


The war continues between a Daviess County motocross track and its neighbors continues. 

In April, Daviess County officials decided to see if the Parson’s Motocross Compound broke zoning laws when development first began. 

Now, crunch time for a decision is fast approaching.

Rebecca Brumfield brings us an update. 

This big black book contains 47 different exhibits of evidence that citizens of Daviess County have pooled together to prove their case as to why the Parson’s Motocross Compound shouldn’t even exist.  

“It provides the details and the specific evidence, in my mind, of poor decisions or wrong doing on the part of the board of zoning appeals and [the] commissioners in making the decision to allow this track to operate,” says Mike Leighty, neighbor to the track and concerned citizen.  

Leighty is one of the major contributor’s to “CAZA” or Citizens Against Zoning Abuse. 

He’s active on Facebook, posting videos and taking polls. 

He also lives right next door to the track. 

“We would like a proper decision to be made and have them really come to their senses and realize that this is wrong,” says Leighty.  

Daviess County Commissioners gave themselves a deadline to make a decision, but vocal voices on the issue aren’t confident of a proper response. 

“The way they’ve treated us for two years, I won’t be surprised if I don’t read the decision in the newspaper,” says Leighty. “And they don’t say anything to us.”  

Back on April 12th, Daviess County officials, citizens and officials from Parsons Motocross Compound all met in a public hearing. 

Officials decided then that they would give themselves 90 days to decide if the compound had broken any zoning laws. 

“We’ve done our due diligence in the public forum to get Daviess County government to come to it’s senses,” says Leighty. “We don’t really want to sue.”

Mike Leighty says that suing the county only hurts all the taxpayers in the area, but they will pursue that option as a last resort. 

Parson’s Motocross Compound did decline to comment on the issue, but officials from the compound say that racing is a family sport and deserves a chance to be accepted into a community. 

We will work to bring you the decision as soon as it becomes available. 

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