Neighborhood Nightwatch Kicks Up Again


Safety is always a top priority and a local neighborhood is banding together to make sure their streets are safer. 

Wednesday night, many residents in the Collett Park neighborhood say this is in an effort to keep crime low, protect their property and keep their children safe.

It may seem like just another gathering, meeting or discussion but these parents, neighbors and Collett Park residents are here for a common reason. 

“Collett Park is rekindling their neighborhood watch group,” says Ryan Adamson, THPD. “And their rekindling the neighborhood watch group for a couple of reasons.” 

First and foremost, it’s to keep themselves and their neighbors more safe. 

Helping each other out when someone goes out of town. 

Keeping their kids safe. 

“It helps with crime rates and keeps them low and this is usually a low crime area anyway,” says Adamson.  

Adamson says it’s not about chasing a criminal down the street. 

“It’s about helping your neigbors and keeping this place a safe place to live,” says Adamson. He says neighborhoods rallying together is on the rise. 

“We encourage that, because look, at the end of the day, the Terre Haute Police Department or any police department for that matter, is only as good as the community is,” says Adamson. “And they’re our eyes and ears. If we don’t know what’s going on op if we don’t hear what’s going on, we can’t respond to things.”

Ryan Adamson says that any neighborhood can reach out to him to set up their own neighborhood watch. 

You can contact him at his email:, or give him a call at 812-244-2601. 

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