(WCNC) A North Carolina FedEx driver is lucky to be alive after falling off a bridge in Salisbury last week.

Jeremiah Cribb says he pulled over to help a woman on the side of I-85. When he saw an 18-wheeler coming toward him, he jumped out of the way, expecting to land on the median, instead falling 75 feet down.

Miraculously he didn’t have any major injuries and he’s out of the hospital.

On Thursday, he met with the men and women who saved his life.

“Words just can’t describe how blessed I am to be here,” Cribb said to the crowd..

First responders say they think Cribb is the hero, it was his good deed that landed them all there.

“He stopped to help people and that’s what we do, and in many ways, I think our guys felt like they were helping one of our own,” said Batallion Chief Nicholas Martin.